The conference is organised by members of the Zoonses and Emerging Livestock Systems – Associated Studentship (ZELS-AS) program in collaboration with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine ( ).  The cohort of 16 PhD students has had a unique opportunity to be part of a world-class interdisciplinary doctoral training program where we have been able to utilise a plethora of insight and experience from ZELS Logo_Master V1_CMYKthe ZELS projects in Sub Saharan Africa and Asia as well as supervision from a large team of researchers from varying disciplines in institutions all over the world.

Throughout the duration of our studentships, we have grown strong working relationships with each other and have benefitted greatly from the mutual support and knowledge exchange that occurs within a cohort mentality. Nearing the end of our PhDs, we now wish to extend this network beyond the ZELS AS with the aim of fostering a long lasting, collaborative network which captures the wide array of researchers working within One Health.

Please follow the link if you are interested in knowing more about the ZELS and ZELS-Associated Studentship program:

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